Director – Braintree IAS Academy

Mr. Naveen Pruthi (Director) believes, Coaching is not merely teaching. Coaching goes beyond teaching to train your students to win world championships or perhaps clear India’s most difficult examination the Civil Services Examination- with single digit ranks.

Conventional Foundation courses do not coach. They only teach. There is a difference. And then they leave the student to figure out how to crack the examination in the years to come. What else could possibly explain that none of the candidates in Top 10 have secured ranks in their first attempt. Anyone who is experienced in the field of Civil Services Examination can tell you that a conventional foundation course nearly ensures that candidates do not get selected in the first year for three reasons-

1) No focus on Answer Writing

2) No dedicated focus on Current Affairs which is the need of the hour and

3) No focus on helping candidates develops analytical skills beyond the classroom.

Coaching for Civil Services means inculcating discipline in students to starts studying by 7AM, reading daily newspaper, writing daily tests, taking classes, making notes, and doing self study at the end of it all. We have done this ask our Select Focus Group (SFG) students who will ensure 100% selections in the Prelims this year only because we coached them at 7AM- even on cold Winter Mornings.

Pratham Kaushik (AIR 5th) in CSE 2017, who joined our Coaching this year, when he had given up on getting IAS, and secured Rank 5 this year. Pratham, who only wrote answers in our Current Affairs + Answer Writing Classes, and has secured the highest marks in Mains this year and an All India Rank of 5 and had joined Foundation- cum advanced batch,