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Director’s Message

Directors Message

Driven by the philosophy that every individual is born to succeed, Brain Tree IAS Academy’s direction as an organization is led by its founder Managing Director Mr. Naveen Pruthi  fondly known as Success Guru.

The Academy relentlessly works towards realizing the dream to reach, to teach and train both the Hindi and English medium students to partake in the process of nation building by joining the Civil Services. The very first step of naming the institution after ancient India’s great thinker, a political strategist, a nationalist and an architect of civil services is our ever inspiring lodestar.

Mr. Naveen Pruthi

Chairman, Brain Tree IAS Academy


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UPSE exam or popularly called Civil Services Exam or IAS, IPS, PCS, HAS OR HCS exam is one of the most prestigious exam of India. IAS,IPS,PCS HAS exam is also believed to be toughest exam to crack.

This IAS IPS exam requires undying commitment and hard work. Every year lakhs of IAS IPS HAS PCS aspirants test their mettle to enter into so called ‘corridors of power’.

However, only a chosen few are able to surmount this UPSC exam.

At BRAIN TREE Academy we try to answer the mind boggling question which every IAS, PCS, HAS, HCS aspirant has in his mind:

· Is there any sure short way of success in UPSC, IAS, IPS, HAS, PCS

· What separates success from failure in IAS exam.

· Do the successful IAS aspirants possess some superpower best-owed upon them by God

· What is the basic mantra to become IAS IPS PCS HAS and to succeed in these exams.

And the answer to all these questions is the there is proper guidance and mentorship which makes us successful and we become IAS,IPS,HAS,PCS.

We need personal mentor or personal guru type person who is interested in making IAS, IPS, PCS, HAS like our parents are interested.

A true mentor will work-hard along with you. A true mentor will take along every student weak or intelligent and shall always start from zero means basics.

Remember, your dream to become IAS, IPS, PCS, HAS will become IAS, IPS, PCS, HAS will become reality only with dedication and hard-work.

At BRAIN TREE (CHD), We are committed to bring out best from you to make you IAS, IPS, PCS, HAS through our personal touch, motivation and mentor-ship.

So, Arise, Awake and work-Hard till your goal to clear UPSC exam is achieved.