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Planets (Called as Trappist) with Goldilocks Zone Discovered having Traces of Water

Planets (called as Trappist)

Planets (called as Trappist) with Goldilocks Zone discovered having traces of water

  • Seven planets recently spotted orbiting a dim star in our Milky Way galaxy are rocky, seem to have water, and are potentially “habitable”, researchers studying the distant system
  • All seven planets were considered potential candidates for harboring water, but the chances to find it in liquid form are highest in the temperate “Goldilocks” zonenot too far from the star for it to be frozen , nor too close to evaporate.
  • The Trappist-1 system is considered the current best hope for finding evidence of alien life.
  • All seven planets remarkably resemble Mercury, Venus, our Earth, it’s Moon, and Mars.”
  • Astronomers used the Hubble Space Telescope to learn more about the Trappist system by studying the planets’ atmospheres as they passed in front of their star, appearing as a dark, travelling dot from the observer’s point of view.
  • Trappist-1 has a mass less than 10% the mass of our Sun and is much cooler, which explains why its planets can orbit so nearby.
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