Brain Tree IAS Academy is the Best solution For HAS Coaching in Chandigarh. Braintree IAS Academy is among the most reputable institutes for HAS Exam Coaching in Chandigarh. We provide the best study materials and public administration classes. We also provide note-taking, strategies, and guides to pass HPAS Exam. Students are also prepared to take the HPAS Exam Interview. Himachal Administrative Services (HPAS) exam is a state-level exam that is used to choose the right candidates for state-level services.

  • Braintree best has Coaching Institute and best ias Coaching in Chandigarh is an institution aimed at the full development of students and established to impart civil service training with a holistic and professional approach. The institute takes care that the syllabus, faculty, study material, and style of teaching should be introduced to the maximum extent possible.
  • Our initiative will ensure that you are always on the right track and provide the best guide for preparing for this exam. No matter what your level of preparation and whether you are a working professional or unemployed mission IAS or not, will help you in fulfilling your dream.
  • The civil service is an important part of the government for all purposes. There are Civil service competencies that form the basis for efficient and effective Governance. Its importance can be seen in two parts. First of all, bring and Management of changes in the political system; and secondly, to not allow these kinds of changes that can make the system unique and in any situation in society in general Uncomfortable position.

About HAS Exam

HAS Coaching in Chandigarh
HAS Coaching in Chandigarh

HPAS is run by Himachal Pradesh Public Service Commission for the purpose of hiring applicants to fill the Himachal Pradesh Administration services. Its HPAS officials serve as the core of the administrative structure in Himachal Pradesh. They are under the direction of IAS officers and assist the newly-appointed IAS officers to comprehend the working culture. Departments such as Land, Revenue, General Administration, Agriculture, and similar departments are important areas where these administrators receive their posts.  

HAS (also known as Himachal Pradesh Administrative Service is an official state-level Civil Service Examination conducted by Himachal Pradesh Public Service Commission. The jobs offered in HAS Exam 2021 include Administrative Services, Himachal Pradesh Police Services Tehsildar, District Treasury Officer, Assistant Registrar Co-operative Societies, and others. Every year, thousands of candidates are enrolled in this exam however, there is an absence of quality training centers that are able to guide applicants for HAS, particularly within the State of Himachal Pradesh.

Top HAS Coaching Institute In Chandigarh | BrainTree Academy

The Braintree IAS Academy is a top HAS coaching institute that offers Has preparation courses for the HPAS, Allied services and Naib Tehsildar exams. They have a detailed classroom study programme that includes all of the general studies modules as well as classes specifically covering Himachal Pradesh general studies topics.

Our team of experts is constantly working on new research to make braintree IAS academy the best institute for learning about general studies, Himachal Pradesh general studies, current topics, and exam patterns.

The HAS Entrance Exam Coaching Center in Chandigarh provides experienced and permanent teachers to train its students. Morning and evening batches are available, as well as weekend batches. The institute’s results have been increasing every year, thanks to its comprehensive study material and practice sets.

What Jobs Can I Get After Passing The HPAS Exam

Highly difficult civil service exams at the state level The H.A.S. The exam will allow you to be considered for the top civil service jobs such as IAS as well as IPS. Successful performance in the test will provide you with an unbreakable guarantee of respect and respect in society. The HPAS is tasked with taking on administrative posts in HPAS, the Himachal Pradesh Govt as well as other state governments. These are the main HPAS jobs: HPAS:

  • Himachal Pradesh Administrative Service
  • Himachal Pradesh Police Service
  • District Controller
  • Block Development Officer
  • Assistant Registrar
  • Tehsildar

=> Study Material Carefully Crafted By Our Teachers

Our study material is carefully crafted by our experienced faculty to cover all of the syllabus content for the HCS exam. This comprehensive coverage will help you be prepared for all of the stages of the exam, including Preliminary, Main, and Viva Voce. Our lectures are delivered by actual administrators or past alumni who know exactly what it takes to succeed on this challenging exam.

The weekly topic tests are followed by the periodic chapter tests which are taken at intervals after any topic or the chapter test after the conclusion of any chapter. The purpose of these tests is to provide students with a considerable amount of practice in order to answer questions. We monitor from time to time changing the pattern of these exams, paying special attention to how important topics are weighted. This helps save students effort and time in preparing for them, instead focusing on more important aspects of their preparation.

Braintree IAS academy is that it provides candidates with the option of smart classroom learning. This smart learning curriculum offers an advantage to those who can monitor their performance in three ways: over time, by topic, and relative to other candidates. Thus, the smart classroom not only imparts education but also exposes students to evaluate themselves in a competitive environment. We are committed to putting “THE CANDIDATE FIRST” and provide them with resources and tools for success on the formidable exam.

HAS Exam Eligibility Criteria   

To be qualified to apply for HAS applicants must be an Indian citizen. India and have at least the age limit of 21 and up to 35 years. However, there is a certain degree of relaxation for those from other categories than general for HAS. Candidates who are also that are familiar with Himachal dialects, as well as customs and traditions, are preferred over those who don’t. 

Age limit For HAS Exam

This is an exclusive characteristic of this exam as the maximum age limit for unreserved category candidates is 42 (this is (with the exception of D.S.P. posts). The age limit for post-graduates is 21 years old. The age starts counting starting on January 1st of the year in which the exam is held. For the position of D.S.P, the lower limit of age is 21 years. Likewise, the maximum age limit for non-reserved categories is 27 years. The upper limit for age is also relaxed for reserved categories:

                      CATEGORY Age relaxation in Upper Age LimitHighest Age allowed
Backward Class A and B of Haryana only5 years47 years
SC/ST Category5 years47 years
Unmarried Females candidates (including divorced and separated females)3 years45 years
PH and PwD of Haryana10 years50 years
PH and PwD (belonging to SC/ST)15 years55 years

HAS Exam Pattern   

 The HAS test is administered in three stages:   

  1.  Preliminary Exam,  
  1.  Main Exam  
  1.  Viva-Voce.  

Pattern for Preliminary Examination   

The preliminary Exam contains two tests of objective nature (MCQs). The questions contain Multiple Choice Questions on the following subjects. 

  •  Paper 1: General Studies(have 100 questions, and they are worth 200 marks per paper).  
  •  Paper-II: Aptitude Test. (have 200 marks) and consists of 200 points) The Paper-II test is qualifying which requires 33% of Candidates who pass on this HAS Preliminary Exam will be able to appear for the HAS Main Exam. Candidates selected to take the Interview test following the HAS Main Exam will be taken with three times the amount of vacancies.  

Preliminary Examination Exam Syllabus   

HAS Exam Paper -I   

includes topics like General Studies History, Geography Current issues of International and National Importance, Art & Culture Social-Economic Development from Himachal Pradesh, Environmental Issues that concern Bio-Diversity and Climate Change, Indian Politics and Governance, and General Science. 


includes subjects such as the Logical Reasoning process and the Analytical Ability Decision Making, Problem Solving and General Mental Ability and Interpersonal Skills Fundamental Numeracy, Comprehension Based Questions and Information Sufficiency and Interpretation of Data in the 10th grade. 

Advantages of Joining the Himachal Administrative Services 

The Indian Government is looking to increase its efficiency, which is why continually recruiting for positions that are not filled. Given below are some of the important advantages of joining the Himachal administrative services.

  • 1. All India cadre 
  • 2. Highly paid 
  • 3. International exposure 
  • 4. Attractive career prospects for future growth 
  • 5 . Great work environment and good pay package
  • 6 . Stable job with regular promotions
  • 7 . Stable career option 
  • 8 . Great scope for self-development
  • 9 . Allows you to make your own rules
  • 10 . It opens up opportunities at both State and National levels 

Best HAS Coaching Institute In Chandigarh

HAS Coaching in Chandigarh
HAS Coaching in Chandigarh

Given below are the important reasons to join us for HAS Coaching in Chandigarh

Faculty Members Teaching:

The most important aspect of every institution is the faculty.   We have highly trained and experienced teachers in diverse disciplines. They are calm and experts in their area. They aid students in all aspects of mastering various techniques and shortcut methods this makes us the best for HAS coaching in Chandigarh.

Study Material For HAS Exam

To prepare for those taking part in the HAS Preparation course, we provide notes on computers in simple language that is easy to understand for students, so that they can attain their goals. The notes contain every subject. Around 85% of the syllabuses of the examination are covered in our study materials, which can assist students who want to make it to their potential.

Training Sets

We also received various practice sets to help prepare since we learned that it is not enough for today’s competitive exam. You need to be able to practice. we offer practice sets of different topics based on the syllabus of the exam. Also, it provides last year’s exam questions to help you analyze and enhance the weak part. Through practice, you can improve your speed as the exam is about speed and accuracy.

Well Management Infrastructure

We have a well-managed Clean and tidy infrastructure that allows candidates to sit comfortably to prepare for the exam. We have well-managed and comfortable chairs with electricity, lighting, and power in the classrooms to ensure students’ comfort for has coaching in Chandigarh.

What We Are Providing During HAS Coaching In Chandigarh

We provide the best HAS coaching in Chandigarh to give you the best preparation for your upcoming exam. Our Skilled and certified coaches will help you understand the topics and prepare you for the exam.

  • Online Classes with highly experienced faculty
  • Daily Quiz
  • Study Material
  • Video Lectures
  • Daily Newspaper
  • Daily Current Affairs
  • Monthly Magazine of Current Affairs
  • Test Series

Top 6 Tips To Choose The Best HAS Coaching In Chandigarh

Do Your Research:

The first step is to do your research and shortlist a few good HAS coaching institutes in Chandigarh. Go through their websites, read reviews and testimonials, and talk to people who have already taken coaching from them. This will give you a good idea about the quality of coaching provided by each institute.

Check The Faculty:

The next step is to check the faculty of the HAS coaching institute you are considering. The faculty should be experienced and well-qualified. They should have a good track record of producing successful HAS candidates.

Look At The Course Material:

Another important factor to consider is the quality of the course material. The course material should be comprehensive and up-to-date. It should cover all the topics in the HAS syllabus.

Consider The Fee:

The fee charged by the HAS coaching institute in chandigarh is also an important factor to consider. While you should not compromise on quality, you should also not overspend on coaching. Compare the fees charged by different institutes and choose the one that offers the best value for money.

Location and Infrastructure:

The location and infrastructure of the HAS coaching institute are also important factors to consider. The institute should be located in a convenient location. It should also have good infrastructure, such as spacious classrooms, well-equipped library, and modern facilities.

Personalised Attention:

Last but not the least, you should also check if the HAS coaching institute you are considering provides personalised attention to its students. The faculty should be available to answer your queries and help you with your doubts.

If you keep these factors in mind, you will be able to choose the best HAS coaching institute in Chandigarh.

Conclusion- Best HAS Coaching In Chandigarh

We are proud that Braintree offers best for HAS coaching in chandigarh. We have a great faculty with years of experience and knowledge. Our institute offers top-notch training programs that will help you achieve your goals. In Addition, our institute has a great support system that will help you stay on track and achieve success in your has exam.

FAQ-HAS Coaching In Chandigarh

Can a student of average ability be competitive with other students for HPAS?

A typical student can be competitive with the best. It’s not about your prior performance. It is about the dedication you show. If you have a solid plan to achieve your dreams you will reach your goals. Some students are not good at the subject he/she picks while in school but possess an excellent understanding of the world. These tests test an individual’s general understanding of the applicant.

Does a candidate begin preparation for the prelims and mains of the HAS Exam all at once?

Yes, students will have the ability to begin preparation for the mains and prelims of the HAS Exam together. The general education syllabus is the same, but it’s a bit more advanced. If a student studies for an advanced syllabus, they will be able to answer easy questions with ease. Additionally, the current events are equally crucial for both.

What is the best option for choosing an optional subject to be used to use for HAS mains?

It is crucial to select subjects that are optional cautiously to pass the HAS Mains test. It is a crucial factor in achieving good scores. It is important to select an area that can help you get points instead of just thinking that it aids in the preparation for other subjects as well.

What are the primary causes of failing the HAS Exam?

The primary reason for failure is a lack of focus and determination, as well as the wrong choice of subjects. A few students are not focused on their studies; they work for hours studying but they do so with the wrong strategy. The choice of subjects is important as it will help you achieve higher marks.

How many months of current events are covered in the prelims of HAS Exam?

Current affairs refer to the happenings that have occurred recently. The test was given two months prior to the exam date. Therefore, it is recommended to be prepared for the current events of the past year prior to the date for the exam.

How many hours will be required to prepare HPAS?

It’s not about the amount of time you put into preparation, it’s about your work ethic. A student who is preparing for 24 hours isn’t succeed in passing the exam however those who study for just 5 hours could pass the HAS Exam due to concentration.

So don’t waste your time any more by searching has coaching in Chandigarh, take a free demo class now or explore our website to know more.

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