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Braintree best IAS coaching in Chandigarh is aimed at preparing candidates for entry into the Indian administrative service, the foreign service, or other similar services like banking or management. The course may be customized according to your needs if you are seeking a career in one of the disciplines mentioned above. The government of India offers several incentives to make it more attractive. The initial period after joining IAS will also include deputation postings that allow you to get hands-on experience that cannot be acquired by any other means.

The program of IAS takes care to build the personality traits that are needed for successful public service. The IAS coaching is designed to take on board the best teaching talent both within and outside the administrative services so as to ensure that you get training from all possible sources.

How To Choose Best UPSC IAS Coaching In Chandigarh?

We’ve gotten the significance of joining IAS coaching institutes through this FAQ page, our next issue is choosing the right UPSC Coaching center near Chandigarh since every IAS coaching institute claims to be the best.

There isn’t a definitive response to that question. However, an applicant should bear in mind these things in mind prior to joining the Civil Services exam Coaching institute.

The following are important to consider:

=> Size Of The Group

An academy that has a small number of students per batch will aid in better learning. A lot of institutes located in Chandigarh have a size of between 100 and 120 students, where it can be difficult to grasp the lessons being taught

=> Contact Alumni

One of the best ways to determine the quality of your education is to speak with former students from the academy and learn about their experiences.

=> Examine Reviews

In-depth studying reviews on google and social media could provide you with a better idea of what you can expect from the IAS Coaching institutes in Chandigarh.

=> Past Results

Try to determine if the results shown through this UPSC Coaching Center at Chandigarh are authentic or not. You can look up their YouTube channel too.

=> Fees

IAS coaching in Chandigarh with fees – The cost of the IAS coaching in Chandigarh is generally very expensive. However, many alternatives that are affordable are readily available nowadays. It’s not sensible to pay a high price when one can get an effective coaching center at a low cost and avoid having to pay the high price in order to receive the best IAS coaching in Chandigarh.

=> Faculty

One should determine whether the faculty at UPSC coaching in Chandigarh is well-educated and has a knowledge of civil service examinations background, or not having an excellent experience. It is essential to verify whether faculty members come from Chandigarh or not.

=> Study Materials

Many UPSC coaching in Chandigarh provide their own study materials and don’t use NCERTS and reference books. After students have joined a coaching center and later realize that they must purchase NCERT books and reference books on their own. One must verify whether the reference books recommended by coaches and NCERT Books are being given in hard copies or not.

=> Test Series

Your success in the civil services exam also is contingent on the prompt self-analysis as well as the progress you’re getting through the analysis of the test series that is given to you. It is important to determine if the test series offered through Civil Services Exam Coaching centers in Chandigarh includes the standard reference books, and pertinent news and is aligned to the civil service examination format or not.

Benefits Of IAS Coaching In Chandigarh

Students attending IAS coaching in Chandigarh
Braintree Best IAS Coaching in Chandigarh

One should understand that no amount of textbooks or personal guidance can help them to crack the IAS exam. It is only through proper training and coaching by experts which can make a difference. Before one joins any institute, they must be aware of all the benefits they will get from it.

Braintree IAS Academy Best IAS Coaching Institute In Chandigarh

The benefits might vary between different Coaching institutes, but most coaches boast about 100% results in exacting the IAS exam. Here are a few reasons why you should join our institute for your IAS preparations:

=> Proper Guidance From Experts

When you join our institute, you will have access to experts who give lectures every day for several hours. In addition to this, you will also be given special attention by your individual trainers. This is very important because no one can give you personal guidance like experts can.

=> Introduction to Latest Tactics

When you join the Braintree IAS coaching institute in Chandigarh, we will teach you the latest methodologies for cracking the IAS exam. We not only teach you how to solve the questions but also explain to you which question types are most likely to appear in the exam. You will get proper knowledge of all kinds of topics and this will increase your speed considerably while solving objective-type questions.

=> Time Management Skills

The more time students take for preparation, the lesser their chances of successfully clearing the exams. Hence, when a student joins our institute, they learn various time management techniques from their expert trainers. They teach you how to complete your syllabus according to the time limit.

=> Special Test Series

This is one of the most important benefits of joining our institute. Once you join, we will make you take special mock tests every day under our guidance. These tests are not only very similar to the actual exam but also contain previous year’s questions with proper solutions. You can take each mock test as many times as you want until you are satisfied with your preparation level.

=> Regular Progress Evaluation

To beat the competition in the IAS exam, it becomes very important that a student maintains their speed and accuracy levels consistently. When you join Braintree Institute, our expert trainers keep a track of your speed and accuracy daily and give corrections wherever necessary. This way, they not only improve your efficiency levels but also help you to maintain them at the required level.

=> Regular Test Series

When you join Braintree, you are made to take regular tests so that your trainer can gauge your progress and know which topics need improvement. If a student is allowed to work on weak topics for too long, then it becomes difficult for them to cover everything before results are announced. Hence, our institute has various test series scheduled over different time periods so that students can prepare well within the given duration of time.

  • When you attend Coaching classes regularly under our expert guidance, there are many skills that you will receive automatically. To start with, your communication and speaking skills automatically improve. As you attend these classes regularly, you will be able to express yourself clearly and confidently during exams.
  • When a student joins our IAS institute in Chandigarh for preparation of civil services exam, they also gain knowledge about various other topics such as geography, history, etc. which is very important too. This means that students attending regular coaching classes not only prepare themselves well but also learn new things every day.
  • A student who attends our regular coaching institutes gets motivated by their seniors and trainers to work harder and set better examples in front of them. Over a period of time, the mentality of students also changes and they become self-dependent and independent.
  • The benefits of joining our IAS institute in Chandigarh continue for a lifetime because many students not only pursue their careers in civil services but also become successful businessmen or politicians later on.
  • We put to use the concepts learned during your preparation period which makes you more confident while interacting with people. This enhances your personality and improves overall development levels such as leadership qualities, problem-solving abilities, decision-making skills, etc.

Why Should You Choose Braintree IAS Coaching In Chandigarh

best ias coaching in chandigarh

Why should you choose Braintree IAS coaching in Chandigarh over any other place? Why not opt for IAS coaching in Delhi or IAS Coaching in Pune?

There are many reasons why we feel that those opting for IAS Coaching in Chandigarh will find our package very beneficial:

=> The Quality Of Faculty

We have one of the best faculty in this field. They have experience and expertise. They know what works and they know how to communicate it to you. Why waste time, money, and effort on a tutor who has no clue?

=> Our Teaching Methodology

All of us at Braintree IAS Academy follow a certain way of teaching. Why should you care? Well, if you take an MBA course in any reputed institute like the IIMs or FMS, you expect the same methodology to be followed. Why wouldn’t you hope for something similar when it comes to IAS coaching in Chandigarh?

=> Study Material

You are expected to study according to a curriculum. Why tinker with that given curriculum by using sub-standard material given by someone who is not even an expert? Ensure optimal results by getting study material from experts. A novel idea isn’t it! Why make things difficult for yourself?

=> Focus On Concepts

Why waste time wading through mounds of data and information that only confuse you further? Why not focus on concepts that contain only essential details and nothing else. Why not do the Best IAS Coaching institute in Chandigarh

with the latest books and material to ensure this? Why read something that is completely irrelevant? We tell you what you need!

=> Experience

Why opt for a rookie when it comes to preparing for an exam as important as the UPSC Civil Services Examination? Braintree IAS Academy has been in business with trust, specializing in coaching students for various competitive examinations like the IAS and other civil service exams, bank PO and Clerk examinations. Why trust your entire future to someone who has no experience or name?

  • Why waste time, money, and effort on something that does not work while you can get everything that works under one roof with Braintree IAS Academy? We assure you of an upsurge in your performance! Why settle for anything less than the best.
  • We are assisted by hundreds of Brain Tree Community members who have secured top Ranks in the IAS, IPS, IFS, and IFoS, in building Brain Tree IAS Academy better every day.
  • You compete with the best candidates writing the examination.
  • We treat every student as if he is the only one, and because at Brain Tree IAS Academy, we build officers.

IAS Coaching In Chandigarh With Fees

Course Details Fees
Two years weekend batches for (2nd-year graduation & working students) Pre cum mains General StudiesRs.1.5 lakh
Three Years weekends Batches For 1st-year students Pre & cum Mains Rs.1.5 lakh
Separate essay writing classes Rs.5000
Classes for interview for IAS/PCS/HAS/HCSRs.5000

Paper Wise Fee Structure For Mains

Course Details Fees
Paper! :History,Geography,Heritage & CultureRs: 20,000
Paper 2: Polity, Governance, Social Justice & Int. RelationRs:  20,000
Paper 3 :BioDiversity,ECO Develop Environment SC & Tech Security & Disaster Mgt.Rs:  20,000
Paper 4 :Ethics integrity & AptitudeRs:  20,000

Fee Structures (Pre cum Mains)

Course Details Fees
General Studies (GS)Rs.99,500
Optional SubjectsRs.40,000
IAS Coaching In Chandigarh With Fees

Best IAS or Best UPSC Coaching In Chandigarh

So don’t waste your time anymore by searching IAS Coaching in Chandigarh or Best UPSC Coaching in Chandigarh, take a free demo class now, or explore our website to know more and Also check the best CDS coaching in Chandigarh


Which is the best coaching center in Chandigarh for IAS?

Brain Tree IAS Academy is the best coaching center in Chandigarh for IAS preparations. This coaching institute is focused & determined to nourish its students to an extent that they clear the civil services examination with ease. The Faculty members, under the guidance of Director Mr. Naveen Pruthi Sir, are the best in the region. Also, the study material provided by the institute is the best resource for preparation.

What is UPSC Civil Services Examination?

UPSC exam is conducted by UPSC each annually, Civil Service Examination is an all-India level competitive test.
The objective of this exam is to find the most talented minds to be the next leaders of an of the revered services in India i.e. Civil Services.
It evaluates a candidate’s personality traits such as the ability to perform the effort and perseverance, as well as communication skills and memory power focus, concentration on the task, determination to the end goal, etc.

Which coaching is best for IAS?

The best answer to this question is Brain Tree IAS Academy. It is located at SCO 80-81-82, top floor, near fountains, Sector 17D, Chandigarh. The Academy provides the best guidance to its students who are preparing for civil services examinations. The teachers with years of experience nurture the aspirants to become an officer during their preparation only. Flexible batch timing & resourceful study material provided by the academy makes it the best in the region

What are the fees for IAS coaching in Chandigarh?

Fees for the IAS coaching vary from 1.5 Lacs to 2.5 Lacs in different institutes. Brain Tree IAS Academy, one of the best coaching institutes in Chandigarh, charges the minimum fees for its courses. Fees for GS preparation are only Rs.99500 /- for the full course (It includes coaching for Prelims, Mains, study material, test series, various books, etc). This fee is for a 1-year course, but if a student wants to repeat the course next year, no extra fees are charged. Students can any number of times during their preparation. This course has LIFETIME VALIDITY. Moreover, SCHOLARSHIPS are also given to bright students. Director Mr. Naveen Pruthi Sir also helps the economically backward students, who are not able to pay the hefty amount for their coaching classes. Flexible payment plans to pay fees, made keeping in mind the paying capacity of students, makes Brain Tree IAS Academy different from others in the region.

Which city is best for UPSC coaching?

After Delhi, Chandigarh is considered to be the hub for UPSC coaching in North India. Large numbers of coaching institutes are present in Chandigarh, which provide coaching for UPSC Civil Services Examinations. Brain Tree IAS Academy is the best among the institutes present in Chandigarh. Located at SCO 80-81-82, top floor, near fountains, Sector 17D, Chandigarh. It is the best coaching academy that is specialized in providing the coaching for IAS, HAS, PCS, and HCS. Under the guidance of Director Mr. Naveen Pruthi Sir, having experience of more than 20 years in coaching, Brain Tree IAS Academy has given many toppers of IAS & other state examinations in past years. UPSC AIR 1, AIR 5, AIR 7, PCS Rank 1, HCS Rank 1, Rank 8, Rank 17, and many more.


The steps to follow for getting IAS or IPS officer: an IAS officer or IPS officer:
Take the time to read carefully the UPSC CSE Notification thoroughly.
Learn about the syllabus for your exam and eligibility requirements as well as other important information.
Check out the UPSC exam timetable. Be aware of the exam dates application deadline, the date to apply along with other crucial dates.
Apply to sit for the UPSC CSE exam on the UPSC Official Website.
Prepare to prepare for the CSE exam.
Pass the prelims exam.
Make an application for the main exam by filling out the Detailed Application Form (DAF) which is sent online by UPSC.
Learn well and pass the MAINS exam.
Try to score as many marks as you can.
Be successful in the interview phase.
Keep an eye out until an official declaration of CSE results.
Complete the final interview stage.
Earn a top ranking.
Become an IAS/IPS Officer.

How Do I Apply To Sit For The IAS Test?

Check out the UPSC Official Page regularly. They are constantly updating all the pertinent UPSC news and other information that you must be aware of.

Fees of IAS Coaching in Chandigarh?

if you are looking for IAS Coaching in Chandigarh with Fees.
Braintree IAS Academy has 3 Course packages and the average coaching fee of IAS is approx 90000 for a Full Course (Pre + Mains).

Do they Provide Free IAS Coaching in Chandigarh?

Yes, Braintree IAS Academy Provides 2 Days of Free IAS Coaching in Chandigarh. for more info Contact or Book a Free Demo Class by Calling Braintree – 9815

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