pratham kaushik


AIR 5th RANK IN IAS 2017

Gaurav Saini


AIR 89th RANK IN CSE 2016


We produced 10 AIR (2015) in top 100 candidate in association

DELHI Branch partner

Upgraded Foundation Course

1.Advanced Level Preparation

A complete solution for Prelims, Mains and Interviews along with an extensive coverage of UPSC Syllabus and Examination pattern.

2.Intermediate to Advanced Level Preparation

Exhaustive coverage of Syllabus for Prelims, Mains and Interviews as well as strategies for preparation and revision conjointly with developing the right administrative traits.

3.Basic to Advanced Level Preparation

An intensive programme to lay the right foundation for aspirants while helping them to form a base knowledge on syllabus and UPSC Examination pattern. This program is an end-to-end solution with its keen focus on skill and personality development to think, feel and act like an administrator.

Foundation-cum-Advanced  Level PROGRAMME July, 2021

We are looking for young candidates preparing for Civil Services Examination 2021, who are willing to be coached under a rigorous schedule from 10 AM to 6 PM. We will take them from teaching basic concepts, to answer writing, to discipline building, and most importantly developing the habit of self-study for 3 hours at a stretch. Something that is crucial to success in Civil Services Examination all in the same year so that you do not spend doing a conventional foundation in the first year, answer writing in the second and getting selected in a subsequent year.

“Rest assured, you will be under the same coaches that worked to train Gaurav Saini (AIR 89), in CSE 2016,  Pratham Kaushik (AIR 5), in CSE 2017 and hundreds of others successful students whose faces you see in popular advertisements of teaching institutes. If you know someone who is preparing for CSE 2021-22, or if you have a friend or a sibling who is planning to write this examination, you can ask them visit us at our Institute


1.Because at Brain Tree IAS Academy, we are assisted by hundreds of Brain Tree Community members who have secured top ranks in the IAS, IPS and IFS and IFoS, in building Brain Tree IAS Academy better every day.

2.Because at Brain Tree, you compete with the best candidates writing the examination.

3.Because at Brain Tree, we treat every student, as if he is the only one, and because at Brain Tree IAS Academy, we build officers.


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Offline and Online Lectures By Director Naveen Pruthi Sir.

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